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Living with Osteoporosis

As a fitness instructor and Pilates teacher, I put a huge amount of emphasis on good physical health. It’s what I’ve built a career on and what I preach to my clients every day. But earlier this year I got a diagnosis that changed everything and how I view health and well being.

It was meant to be a regular check up at the doctors, my family have a history of bad bone health and so I felt a Bone DEXA scan was a good insurance policy for the future. If I knew of any problems now I could prepare as much as I could for older age. However what I learned was not at all what I expected. I wasn’t sent home with the standard ‘nothing new here, go on home and live your life’ advice I’m normally accustomed to, instead I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis in my lumber spine with a high risk of fracture. ‘Now go on home and live your life.’

I was in complete shock, for years I had taken care of myself, eaten right, exercised, and now I felt betrayed by my own body. It was like being deceived by a cheating partner after years working at to create a happy marriage. I put all this effort in and what was it even for? To be told my career, my life, could be turned upside down by a bad fall or injury.

So what is osteoporosis? After being sent home with absolutely no information, I found out there is very little research into the disease and what one can do to prevent it. The term Osteoporosis essentially means ‘Porous bones’, or bones with holes in them. It happens to 1 in 4 women, specifically after the menopause and over the age of 50. It makes you prone to fractures, breaks and chronic pain.

A huge amount of people are affected by osteoporosis, commonly called a ‘silent disease’ as people don’t often find out until they break a bone, and by then it’s often too late to repair damage.

I’m using this blog as a way to inform people about the disease and to help those affected by it. Thanks to a STOTT Pilates course on osteoporosis, research into diet and safe exercise, I have found you can live a healthy life with minimized risk of fracture without the intrusion of Bisphosphonates, which often have terrible side effects. Unfortunately this is one of the only drugs the NHS recommends, and it has too many negatives that far out way the benefits.

So what next? I plan on giving osteoporosis sufferers some handy tips to help ease their condition. I’ll be starting a specialist Osteoporosis class in the New Year in Esher. If you know of someone who suffers from Osteoporosis please put them in touch or introduce them to this blog.

Before I sign off I will give you some helpful advice for the cold winter months. Vitamin D! It’s vital that those suffering from Osteoporosis and those who have the disease in the family, you should take daily Vitamin D supplements if you don’t get enough sunlight.

So there we have it. I hope you find this post useful, please feel free to comment below about your experience. You’re not alone! And talking about how you live with Osteoporosis will help others.

Have a fab New Year,

Zoe x